Awakened Nation (awakenednation) wrote,
Awakened Nation

Democrats vs. Republicans, and Vice Versa

I attended a Democratic meeting two months ago. It was interesting to see how those who spoke up against the Republican party claimed how the party was leading us like lemmings off of a cliff. I heard a lot of talk supporting the Democrats, but tearing down the opposition party.

For example, someone at the meeting said that Republicans would vote for a dead snake rather than vote for a Democrat. It wouldn't surprise me if someone at a Republican meeting said the exact same thing about their party.

Somehow God created Democrats and Republicans, and they can't seem to co-mingle. Each party believes that they are the saving grace of the United States.

I'd like to think that I'd do what is best for Americans no matter what. It bothers me when I hear both parties criticized for reasons that are either trivial, or are simple differences of opinion. I'd like to see more Republicans try to understand the viewpoint of Democrats, and vice versa.
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