Awakened Nation (awakenednation) wrote,
Awakened Nation

Fox In The Hen House

In the book that I'm reading, The President Who Failed: Carter out of control, author Clark R. Mollenhoff says that Lynn R. Coleman was nominated as General Counsel for the Department of Energy. What's the big deal?

Coleman worked for the law firm Vinson and Elkins, which "represented major oil interests." Also, Mollenhoff writes that, "Coleman had personally represented many of the major companies and had lobbied for those oil interests in the Senate and House as well as before the Federal Power Commission and Federal Energy Administration--predecessors to the Department of Energy."

This is just one example that Mollenhoff gives of Carter's malfeasance. For a man that said he'd never lie to the American people, it seems that he did his fair share. I have to admit though, I was born during the Carter administration, so most everything in the book is news to me.
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