Awakened Nation (awakenednation) wrote,
Awakened Nation

Politics As Usual

When we hear the phrase "politics as usual," we know exactly what it means. It means partisan bickering, lack of cooperation, excessive red tape, and a government slow to act.

I plan to run for political office, and the idea of putting up with "politics as usual" is a disturbing thought. People think that I'm going to change when I get elected, that I'm going to become some slick politician.

Why is this? Why do we have such a low opinion of politics and politicians?

Here's part of a comment I received on my other blog:

do you understand the shady politics that go on in that path to becoming a president?
Now maybe I'm naive, but I don't think politics should have to be shady. I think we just don't expect anything better, so we don't hold our elected officials to a very high standard.

Rather than having politics change me, I'd rather change politics.
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